It's Time for Spring Tillage Demos

The wind has finally found some other place to blow for now. It made for a chilly week here in Ohio. A lot of manure was hauled and wheat top dressed yesterday. Things are starting to green up and warm up at the same time. Right now we have as many projects going on at one time in the shop as we ever have! It is that time of year where planters need set up yet, but also several side dress applicators. We did our first spring tillage demo yesterday near Columbus, OH, and we have several more lined up for the next couple weeks. Grandpa has been busy delivering and picking up equipment everywhere lately. Today we will be delivering equipment to Bucyrus, Nova, and Delaware, OH.


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Salford 2200 Vertical Tillage with shanks and cover crop seederHere is a unique build, a Salford 2200 with shanks and a cover crop seeder. This unit is setup to do seeding and fertilizer banding.
50' Salford CultivatorThis 50' Salford 2 piece cultivator is the largest we have ever sold! Salford makes a top of the line tool, and this one will cover some acres here in Mercer County.


In the video below, we show this complete Demco trailer with the complete QuickDraw 3000 kit. Contact us for a custom built tender trailer today!

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Salford farm equipment
Time and Discipline with Lee and Dave | The Talkin' Shed

This is a great episode where we cover a variety of topics as talk with Lee Kilpatrick and Dave Gunkelman from the Salford Group.

Which Fertilizer Coulter are you Running?

We have spent a lot of time in the field during side dress season seeing different applicators and brands of coulters work or not work. Ground conditions can play a big part in the success of some coulters and their ability to get fertilizer in the ground. Below are 2 videos that highlight parallel linkage coulters and what sets them apart. I am urging folks to run at the dual spring coulter on at least the tire track rows to keep those units in the ground. Give us a call at 419-942-3512 to talk coulter options on your applicator.

parallel linkage coulter in the ground

New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos. We currently have 2,340 YouTube subscribers. Help us reach 3,000 by subscribing today!


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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

tote rackThis is a tote rack being built and will soon be headed to a customer in Minnesota.
20" John Deere 2510HThis 20" John Deere 2510H is getting converted from dry to Nh3 this week before it heads to northern Ohio.
Surepoint Quickdraw Tender TrailerThis Surefire tender will be done and out of the shop yet this week!

Used Items This Week

used 42' John Deere Cultivatorused 42' John Deere Cultivator for saleThis week we have a used 42' John Deere Cultivator.


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