Interseeding is Our Specialty

Things are starting to heat up here in Ohio, literally. Finally yesterday the sun began to show its face for the first time in quite a few days. We were very busy this week mainly getting J&M applicators finalized and delivered as here in a month or so they will be running. Grandpa left this morning for Michigan to deliver 1 of 2 60' rigs to a farmer up there who made the switch to J&M. Based on the forecast, if we can miss some rain Sunday, there will be a decent window early next week for planting. Currently we are focused in the shop on side dress and getting Y drop bars and liquid applicators assembled and out the door before the corn planters run to reduce the time crunch of application. As some of you may have heard, AgGuru and Case IH are joining forces to take strip till mainstream. We had a great visit yesterday from Bill Prellar, AgGuru founder and owner. Be sure to listen to the podcast we recorded. It is a dandy!


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J&M 6026This J&M 6026 is loaded and headed for Michigan to a grower who purchased 2 of these units.
outside view of garage doorWho knew a garage door could be so exciting! We finally have our big garage door installed in the shop, 34' wide will do the job! This allows us to pull a semi in the shop to load and unload with the overhead crane.


In the video below, we talk about this dual coulter setup that is running 7.5” from the corn row to place nutrients as close as we can to the plant and below the surface. Another cool project in the works. Call 419-953-8500 to learn more about your next applicator.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Bill Preller talkingBill Preller: Making Strip Till Mainstream With Case-IH in Tow

An awesome podcast with Bill Prellar, a legend in the tillage and agronomy world, spending early years with DMI, then Case IH. Bill has built a career getting his hands dirty and constantly striving to make better machines with the seedbed in mind.

Interseeding is Our Specialty

We have done a lot of work in the past few years regarding getting fields green as many days possible throughout the year. It is a topic that we have specialized in as customers have demanded to get cover crops growing sooner and sooner each year to maximize their impact on soil health. Check out a few projects that are in the works to be ran this summer. We have several row unit options available in different hopper sizes and spacing configurations.

covercrop toolbarThis bar is a 15" spacing row unit bar that was made for seeding cover crops and soybeans, this unit is available for sale for $30,000.
interseeding toolbarThis toolbar left our shop this week headed for NE Ohio for interseeding soybeans into standing wheat. It will be very interesting to follow this one for progress.
S2S Covr Crop Interseeding barThis S2S bar is headed for NY to a Soil and Water District for establishing cover crops.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

welded parallel arms for our Y Drop ToolbarsThese are welded up parallel arms for our Y Drop toolbars for 2024.
redballs on an applicatorThis applicator is getting triple threats, and we mounted up a separate set of redballs just for them.
pivot hinge for a Y drop toolbarThis is our main pivot hinge on the Y drop toolbar in a fixture used for welding.
Enduraplas 10000 gallon tanksAdam and Devin traveled up to Pandora, OH to set up this 10000 gallon tank right where the customer wanted it.

Used Items This Week

Fast 8120 toolbarfront view of a Fast 8120 toolbarFast 8120 toolbarFast 8120 toolbar


This week we have a used 60' 40" spacing Fast 8120 toolbar. This is a bar perfect for 20" corn and is equipped with Y drops as well as coulter knife application. 3" fill 3 section boom 1600 gallon tank.


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