This Week at Fennig Equipment

The calendar has turned on another month further into 2023, and we have gotten a few tastes of warmer weather. It is the time of year that lead times can ruin a deal and a small delay can change everything. This week we finished up 3 J&M applicators, got that Kinze 2600 in the shop and will get a Deere 1760 in the shop early next week for a makeover. We made a trip to Lancaster, OH yesterday to grab a load of Norwesco fertilizer tanks for planters. Looks like rain today for most of the Ohio/Indiana region with snow in Michigan.


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Kinze 12 row 2600 sitting in a shopThis Kinze 12 row 2600 is getting converted to liquid. Check out the video below.
Salford 1224 VT tool parts on a trailerTwo Salford 1224 VT tools arrived this week. By this time next week, they will be assembled and ready for delivery.



Check out our video about converting a Kinze 2600 from dry fertilizer to liquid below.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

front of Fennig Equipment store in Nova, OhA Power Hour with the Nova Team

This week Adam traveled to Nova to see the sales guys and Tammy to talk about plans, things to improve, and much more. Of course I couldn't leave without having them put on the headphones and recording a podcast.

GBGI Seed Disk Openers: The Best on the Market


Are you tired of seed openers throwing bearings, or cracking housings, and being wobbly? The GBGI Blade is a 3.5mm thick blade with a double row bearing. None of this is new to the market. The big difference is in the bearing and housing. The Housing is cast and machined, so a very accurate housing with a PEER bearing. This leads to larger rivets and a lot more acres. Watch the video below to learn more.


New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

hinge fixture for a Y Drop ToolbarThis is a fixture for a hinge on our Y Drop Toolbars.
Y Drop toolbar on trailerThis Y Drop toolbar was shipped and headed for Minnesota.
man welding in a shopLogan is busy welding away in the shop, making rolling baskets for our S2S units.
Demco trailerThis Demco trailer is getting customized with a hose reel, inductor, and much more.

Used Items This Week

side view of a John Deere 30' HD Diskfront view of a John Deere 30' HD Diskclose up photo of a John Deere 30' HD Diskrolling baskets on a used John Deere 30' HD Disk


This week we have a used John Deere 30' HD Disk. This is a heavy duty tool that can be very aggressive and move some serious dirt. Hydraulic rolling basket and rear hitch.


Unit is located at the Nova, OH store on 224.

Call 419-953-8500 for pricing.