Feeding the Farmers

Harvest is still moving strong in our area, beans are getting close to being finished, many guys have planted their wheat, and corn seems to have some moisture left in it yet. This week was a good one. On Tuesday our office staff made over 100 meals and delivered them to local farmers for lunch as a thanks for doing business with us. We really enjoyed doing that, and we hope everyone had a great week of harvest. This week we had the largest VRT that they can build (40) delivered to the shop. This is a retailed unit that you can bet I will have some video footage of before it is over. In the shop, we had a few Valmar seeder service calls, troubleshooting power supply issues or encoder reading issues. We also made a lot of deliveries this week to get these tools out to customers so they can be put to use.


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group of farmers in the field with lunch bagsA happy group after we brought them lunch on Tuesday.
people preparing food in kitchenLunch bags were getting prepped with new hats, water, and a sandwich.


Check out the new 8 row strip till bar in the video below.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Seeding Wheat and Feeding Farmers

In this episode, Cody and Adam sit down to talk about what they have going on this week. Cody was able to capitalize on an October cold front in the tree stand.

Fall Residue Management

Managing fall residue is a big deal, and we have the tools to get that job done. Of course it starts on the combine with a Yetter stalk devastator and from there we talk tillage. Tools such as the Salford 5200, VRT and 4200 are all great tools to lift and bury residue so it is gone for next years crop. Of course we also have several used tillage pieces in the lineup as well

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Aguru 8 Row Bar With Montag CartAguru 8 Row Bar With Montag Cart
60' J&M 6026 on tracksThis 60' J&M 6026 on tracks is getting prepped for delivery.
gauge treeWe are building a 60' Yetter Magnum Nh3 toolbar in the shop for side dress. This gauge tree will help keep track of row to row pressure.
Salford VRT tool on a trailerWe had a total of 3 Salford VRT tools arrive this week.

Used Items This Week

34' Case IH 335 VT tool
Case IH 335 VT tool for sale
used Case IH 335 VT tool
20" blades on a used Case IH 335 VT tool


This week we have a used 34' Case IH 335 VT tool. Hydraulic rolling basket, 20" blades and hydraulic adjustable tilt function. These are great tools for burying stalks or any residue in the fall.


This unit is located at our Wabash store on State Route 29.

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