New Product Line: Hardi Sprayers

It finally feels like winter outside! Frigid temps covered the midwest, and I do not have to describe how cold it got. Most of you felt it first hand. Luckily it should be short lived as I see 40's in the forecast next week. For us, it was one of the busiest sales weeks we have ever had. Liquid applicators, fertilizer spreaders and planter fertilizer installs more than we have seen before. Luckily for us, we have everything here and in stock to do it. We shipped an applicator to Missouri, a tillage tool to Michigan, a toolbar to Kansas, and a fertilizer box to Mississippi. Our shop is staying ahead of projects as the planter fertilizer jobs keep piling up. Right now we have a Salford field cultivator in the shop getting assembled. Next week we begin preparation for the Louisville Farm Show, that is only a few short weeks away. Be sure to tune into our YouTube Channel.


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"Mega Store" Badge from Enduraplas
This week we were awarded with a "Mega Store" Badge from Enduraplas. An award given to the largest dealer in the territory for the past years volume.
planter fertilizer tank kit
Check out this planter fertilizer tank kit. Devin and Sam made this bracket and mounted the tanks in the shop to get ready for installation on a planter in Indiana.


Our Newest Product Line: Hardi Sprayers

Hardi Sprayers are known around the country as an elite spraying system, mainly known for their pull type units. We are now a full service dealer at both the Nova, and Coldwater locations. We have 2 units ordered for spring, both are 60' Rangers with 550 gallon tanks. We have parts in stock at both Coldwater and Nova stores.

Hardi RangerHardi Ranger 2500Hardi Ranger in the field


The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

This weeks podcast is now live! Listen in as we talk about the upcoming Louisville Farm show, the big snow storm. and a whole lot more.


Surviving the Snowpocalypse

On this episode, Cody and Adam brave the weather to go on a tool run to Van Wert at Century Trading, a place with endless amounts of inventory of Milwakee, and many other brands. Our office was closed Thursday due to weather so we were in the office catching up on paperwork and shooting videos for YouTube.

New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos. We currently have 1,200 YouTube subscribers, help us reach 2,000 by subscribing today!


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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

dual tank mount
This dual tank mount is being finished up in the shop this week, this will be going on a planter in Indiana.
unloading a Enduraplas flat bottom tank from a truck
More tanks to unload this week. Our forklift is getting worked on so we are renting this telehandler.
Salford field cultivator
We just finished assembling this 32' Salford field cultivator. Cody delivered it to his customer in Versailles, OH.
steerable fertilizer boxThis steerable fertilizer box is now an option for metering fertilizer. The shop guys put this together earlier this week.

Used Items This Week

24' Salford 570 vertical tillage toolside view of 24' Salford 570 vertical tillage tool24' Salford 570 vertical tillage tool24' Salford 570 vertical tillage toolThis week we have a used 24' Salford 570 vertical tillage tool. 2010 model is in great shape. We will be changing blades on this unit very soon. Located in Coldwater, OH


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