New Halo VRT is a Dream Tool

Everyone is back home from Louisville, and noses are to the grindstone. The countdown is on and our list of jobs is only growing. Luckily we had a great week of shipping, building, welding assembling product to get our customers ready to go. It takes an army. Just yesterday 3 semis arrived, we loaded 8 Enduraplas tanks for Iowa, and Grandpa delivered a 10,000 gallon tank. This was just in one day! Our shop built 2 J&M applicators, a 31' Salford, and several planter tank brackets. The recurring cycle of sell 1 and reorder 2 has been a must to keep things in stock. We still have row cleaners, tillage tools, fertilizer storage tanks, closing wheels and much more. This week is a special podcast edition with Jim and Margie Fennig. It was great to get to spend time with everyone, and we want to thank those who stopped by our booth last week at the farm show. Be sure to tune into our YouTube Channel.


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Salford ST-10 fertilizer twin bin cart
This is going to be a cool project when finished! 16 row LandLuvr toolbar with Salford ST-10 fertilizer twin bin cart equipped with Yetter CC row units.
Enduraplas tanks
A lot of equipment was moved this week. Enduraplas tanks to Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio. A 60' 3 Point toolbar for sidedress season has arrived, and we delivered a few liquid sidedress applicators.


The Dream Tool: Incorporate, Fix Ruts, Manage Weeds, But Still Finish Perfect For Spring, And Narrow Transport!

The new Halo VRT is the swiss army knife of tools that can do everything. The secret is as always INDEPENDENT BLADES. But what makes it very unique is the ability to, on the fly, adjust the pitch of each blade up to 15 degrees. The double basket design is what the industry has been dreaming of, capable of enough down pressure to lift the tool out of the ground, this tool will finish.


I spoke with a gentleman at the Louisville Farm Show who put 3000 acres on a VRT this past fall to get his side of the story. He showed me videos of what he found and suggestions he gave Salford for improvements. At the end of the conversation, he said Salford will have to unchain it from the big tree on his farm to get it back.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Fennig Equipment will be hosting a 3 day traveling field day circuit to showcase the VRT.

  • April 19: Southern Michigan
  • April 20: Nova, OH
  • April 21: Coldwater, OH

Tune in for more details to come.

Halo VRT

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

This weeks podcast is now live! Listen in as we talk with a couple very special guests, Jim and Margie Fennig. Many of you have met them as they deliver a lot of our equipment to customers. Many of you may know them as Gary, Mike, Todd, and Ryan's parents. Enjoy this weeks podcast.

The Backbone of Fennig Equipment: Grandma and Grandpa Fennig

In this podcast Cody and I sit down at the Louisville farm show to chat with Grandma and Grandpa Jim about their roles within Fennig Equipment. Grandma and Grandpa of course are the parents of Gary, Mike Todd, and Ryan Fennig. Listen in as we talk about their past, their roles in the business, and how they like delivering equipment.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

dual bin Salford cart
A strip till toolbar in the works. This dual bin Salford cart will make a sweet rig. Equipped with Yetter CC Units.
J&M liquid fertilizer applicator
We assembled 2 J&M liquid fertilizer applicators this week.
Case 5300 toolbar
This Case 5300 toolbar got loaded up and shipped to Iowa.
all steer cart
Adam and Cody traveled to Nova Tuesday to transfer this retailed all steer cart to Coldwater for delivery.

Used Items This Week

40' Salford 550 S Tine Field Cultivator40' Salford 550 S Tine Field Cultivator40' Salford 550 S Tine Field Cultivator40' Salford 550 S Tine Field CultivatorThis week we have a used 40' Salford 550 S Tine Field Cultivator. 3 Bar coil tine harrow with rolling basket, rear hitch and walking tandems all around.


Very clean unit



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