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This morning we are 82 Days away from April 15th, and we have about 150 days worth of work to complete before April 15th. This time of year we always get busy, but we are always able to get projects finished and delivered to the customers. More tillage was done here locally as the ground was just frozen enough. Today is the day, Our Flatbed truck that threw a rod bearing has a new Jasper motor in it now! We will now start making our backlog of deliveries of equipment to customers so it is a great day to have our main truck back. We are currently hiring in our shop, looking for a motivated well rounded employee who understands electronics and hydraulics. Give us a call if you are interested.


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 2241 Salford VT tool
This 2241 Salford VT tool was just finished in the shop as the guys had to put it together from scratch. These 2200 tools have 22" blades and 5 bolt hubs. Watch the video to learn more!
This Valmar is on the road headed for Illinois. We sell brackets and mount kits for all types of tools.

Strip Till/ Fertilizer Placement Webinar Monday at 3:30 PM

Join Adam Fennig, Jeff Wherley, Chris Perkins, Kevin Toschlog, and more on Monday, January 25 for a group webinar talking about strip tillage, fertilizer placement, and planter setups. This webinar will be recorded and able to view on YouTube at a later date as well.

 Want to learn more and hear from farmers across the country about strip till and fertilizer placement? This webinar is for you!


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360 Yield Center Summit

Some of you have heard, there is some big news on the horizon. The team at 360 Yield center has some product information that is being released.



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New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos, we currently have 731 subscribers YouTube Subscribers, help us reach 800 by subscribing today!

Used Items This Week

Used John Deere 600 gallon tank and saddle $5,000

Used ground drive John Blue Pump with manifold $1,900


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