Fall Tillage From Salford: Halo VRT, 4200, 5200

Cody, Austin and I traveled to Bloomington, IL on Monday to attend the Dealer Minds Summit. A great dealer to dealer training event where nearly 100 different dealerships met to discuss ways to improve, better manage, and become more efficient in their dealerships. We returned Wednesday and of course recorded a podcast on the way home which is linked below. We have had a good run the past few weeks on Salford equipment. 1200, 2200, 5200 and some used 570s have all been moving their way to their next forever homes in preparation for fall. We will be having a field day up at the Nova sore a week from Tuesday, August 15th so be sure to mark your calendars for that one.


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Y Drop toolbar in the fieldI spent some time near Ft. Wayne, Indiana last week riding with Advanced Grain using their new Y Drop toolbar we put together for them. This bar allows them to quickly go from spray to sidedress in minutes and helps them cover 500+ acres per day.
large Salford 5200Progress on the largest 5200 tool we have ever built.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

The Keeper of the Parts: Austin Adams

In this episode, we sit down with Austin to talk about his past experience in the workforce and what he has learned since being at Fennig Equipment. Austin handles all shipping and receiving of parts and manages to keep our thousands of parts in inventory straight.

Fall Aggressive Tillage From Salford: Halo VRT, 4200, 5200

This fall if you are wanting to bury residue this fall, I encourage you to look at 1 of 3 tools: Salford VRT, 4200 or the 5200. These are more aggressive tools that can lift, mix and bury but still leave a surprisingly smooth and level finish. The VRT and the 4200 can also be run in the spring if need be. The 5200 is more of a fall only tool. Watch below for videos of each.

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

drop toolbarsMore welded up assemblies of 2024 drop toolbars that Sam has been working on.
24' 570 SalfordThis 24' 570 Salford is getting new bearings and a Valmar seeder before it ships to Tennessee next week.
Valmar seeder mount bracketsMount brackets for Valmar seeders to sit on a Salford tool are being built this week.
Yetter Maverick 8 row strip till toolbarThis Yetter Maverick 8 row strip till toolbar is being built in the shop toda. It is retailed to a customer for fall use.

Used Items This Week

RiteWay crimper
RiteWay roller
used RiteWay crimper


This week we have a used 30' RiteWay crimper/roller. This is a pull type unit that is perfect for crimping cover crops. This unit will be located at our Coldwater store soon.


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