Fall Strip Till Options and Accessories

That moisture from last weekend went a way a lot faster than I first thought. We ended up having a great week of harvest, and never did I dream we could run tillage yesterday already. We had around 1.6" out of that rain and fields are back in great shape now. I think everyone was in a combine yesterday trying to get the most out of what may likely be the final nice stretch of weather we have left. Most of the beans are off. The corn is still too wet but a lot of guys are shelling. This week we had a few service calls helping get Valmar seeders running. We have some Deutz tractors in the shop we are working on for customers just servicing them and such. Yesterday I traveled to Marion, OH and Kalida, OH to do Salford demos, and today I will be in Pandora, OH doing a strip till demo.


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Fast 60' A26This Fast 60' A26 is getting tested before delivery to a customer straight west of the shop in Indiana.
Valmar cover Crop SeederThis Great Plains 20' T Max got a Valmar cover crop seeder mounted on it.


See the video below to see us running a VRT in corn stalks in Marion, OH.

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Jeff Wherleys’ Words of Wisdom

We got the man, the myth back on for an episode via telephone, and we covered a lot! Strip till, row cleaners, the devastator, and of course we talked some hunting as well.

Fall Strip Till Options and Accessories

The time has come when most of the beans are off, and yesterday I saw a few guys making strips. We will be doing a demo today as well. I wanted to talk about what units we offer and different cart options we have. First off, the Yetter Maverick is a solid long standing option that has rock trip and can be converted to more of a freshener as well. Heavy built versatile unit with a lot of adjustments. From there we offer the Aguru unit which is newer to market but features a unit that can also be shank or coulter for fall or spring applications. From there we always use the Salford ST-10 fertilizer cart to meter and distribute product to the row. Keep blockage sensors in mind. They come in handy to quickly find a block in the heat of season.


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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Salford 5225This mammoth Salford 5225 arrived yesterday and will be the next puzzle we assemble.
Deutz 5110 tractorWe got this Deutz 5110 from a customer for us to service this week.
Salford ST-10 fertilizer cartThis Salford ST-10 fertilizer cart is getting meters put under it and then shipped to Minnesota.
valmar seederThe crane came in handy to get this seeder on top of this Great Plains.

Used Items This Week

30' Salford RTS with Valmar 6056 cover crop seeder
used 30' Salford RTS
used Valmar 6056 cover crop seeder for sale
used Salford RTS for sale


This week we have a used 30' Salford RTS with Valmar 6056 cover crop seeder mounted on top of it. A great tool to seed cover crops and wheat but also make a seedbed ahead of the planter in the spring.


This unit is located at our Wabash store on State Route 29.


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