Enduraplas Sprayers, Something for Everybody

This slower pace has actually been a great way to start the spring, for us anyways. It allows us time to get to every startup over a 10 day period instead of 2. It has also made for a fairly mellow spring so far as guys are just testing things out for when the temps say go. On the road with demos was this weeks theme again which is the other advantage to this weather. We all get time to try new equipment. I was in southern Ohio a lot this week moving and demoing a Salford VRT and a 2224 VT tool. We recorded a new podcast yesterday so be sure to find that link below for some listening time today. We finally got the big garage door on the west end of our big shop. Now we will be getting one on the east end as well. I will do a video showing those in next weeks email. Based on the 10 day forecast, next week should be warmer, and I expect a lot of planters to be rolling. A farmer told me this week, "You want the high and low temperature numbers to add up to 100 for a solid 5 days before you plant." I thought that was an interesting note, and I had never heard that one.


Be sure to tune into our YouTube Channel. Have a great weekend, and feel free to call 419-953-8500.

demoing tillage in a fieldThis was our view for most of the week. Make a round and say "Let's set it deeper", "Can you go faster", and "Let's adjust that basket". Trying to get things set perfectly for our customers.
single axle BBI spreaders on a trailerA fresh load of single axle spreaders that will be able to spread fertilizer in standing crop.


In the video below, we run a 2224 ahead of a planter in bean ground going to corn. The fracturing effect is evident and the big secret behind these tools. For more information call 419-053-8500.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

April Showers Bring May Flowers

In this episode, we cover what we have been up to these past few days doing demos, delivering equipment and much more. Not much coyote hunting has happened as of late but that will change soon!

Enduraplas Sprayers, Something For Everybody

Enduraplas not only makes the best storage tank on the market, but their sprayers are as handy as a pocket on a t-shirt. Put it in the back of your Gator, the 3 point of your Kubota tractor, or on your ATV.

Enduraplas sprayer on the back of a Kubota

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

2224 VT toolThis 2224 was built in the shop this week. I think it took 2 guys 1.5 days to go from thousands of pieces to once complete unit!
interseeder toolbarThis interseeder toolbar is interesting. This customer will be planting soybeans into standing wheat very soon.
large Enduraplas storage tanks on a truckMore 10k tanks have arrived.
Enduraplas 10000 gallon tanksAdam and Devin traveled up to Pandora, OH to set up this 10000 gallon tank right where the customer wanted it.

Used Items This Week

Fast applicatorside view of a Fast applicatorFast applicatorFast applicator


This week we have a used 15 row Fast 1300 gallon tank with coulter/knife units. This applicator is in very good shape and is getting a new set of knives and blades soon.


This unit is located at our new Wabash location. Call 419-953-8500 for more information.