Does Your Corn Head Have A Yetter Devastator Under It?

We missed a rain Thursday night that hit northern Ohio and Michigan pretty hard. A lot of heat this week which we haven't had much of prior to this week. We have wrapped up our Summer events and field days, and soon the calendar turns to August. County fairs, shorter days, camp fires and maybe silage as we get to end of August. Either way, it feels as if once August arrives, fall shows up quick, and we have a lot of stuff to get done before then. Corn head seeders, Valmar seeder installs, tillage tools to build, fertilizer carts to revamp and much more. Next week Cody, Austin, and myself will be heading to Bloomington, IL for the Dealers Minds Summit, a great event where dealers meet and discuss ways to improve efficiency within their operation. I did upload over a dozen new pieces of inventory onto Tractorhouse this week. Check it out by clicking HERE


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Y Drop toolbar at Advanced GrainI spent some time near Ft. Wayne, Indiana this week riding with Advanced Grain using their new Y Drop toolbar we put together for them. This bar allows them to quickly go from spray to sidedress in minutes and helps the cover 500+ acres per day.
Yetter all steer fertilizer cart on a trailerWednesday Gary delivered this Yetter all steer fertilizer cart to a customer in Indiana.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

On the Road: Headed To Michigan | The Talkin' Shed

Cody and I summarize the past month in this new episode. Enjoy!

As Harvest Nears, Make Sure You Are Running a Yetter Devastator

Each year I hear more and more ways that the devastator is positively impacting farmers: less tillage passes, better stalk management, huge time and fuel savings, pushing rocks down, the list goes on and on. It really is one of the quickest ROI products in our portfolio. I love combining the Salford 1200 and 2200 series with a Devastator. Let the devastator manage stalks in the fall, hit the field once in the spring with the Salford and plant beans. There is not a better way to get those beans up early with minimum work, labor, or fuel.


We have several models in stock. If you traded heads or want to try the devastators, give us a call. We can get you in contact with other customers who have been running them for years.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

FE4R cover crop seeder for a John Deere self propelled sprayerThis FE4R cover crop seeder is getting fabbed up on Devin's table to be mounted on the John Deere self propelled sprayer we have shown in the weeks past.
25' Salford 5200The largest Salford 5200 we have ever built is getting finished today in the shop. This 25' monster is headed to Indiana.
Valmar seeder mount bracketsMount brackets for Valmar seeders to sit on a Salford tool are being built this week.
Yetter Maverick 8 row strip till toolbarThis Yetter Maverick 8 row strip till toolbar is being built in the shop toda. It is retailed to a customer for fall use.

Used Items This Week

plug to tractor BBI Liberty Spreader
used BBI Liberty Spreader for sale
BBI Liberty Spreader


This week we have a used BBI Liberty Spreader. This unit is a plug to tractor spreader meaning it gets all of its hydraulics from the tractor (20 gpm required). Has an ISO rate controller.


Located at our Nova, OH store.


Call 567-308-0010 for more information.