Louisville Farm Show Delayed. Are Farm Shows Needed?

Warm weather blessed the midwest late this week, and we were actually able to get back into the fields in places and see some dust fly, an odd sight for December. The National Farm Machinery Show announced this week they will delay until March, stunting impact of the show. We have a lot of strip till and fertilizer placement projects going on right now. If you have a project for spring, I suggest getting the parts ordered sooner than later! We usually have 3 Farm shows this month, but it will feel different as those get pushed back into March. If your pocket knife is getting dull, call us and Gary will make sure you get a new one!


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 Valmar cover crop seeders
A fresh load of Valmar cover crop seeders arrived this week! We are always stocked and ready to provide you with superior units and service.
5000 gallon tank
This 5000 gallon tank headed to the warmer state of North Carolina to increase storage capacity on the Cox Farm.

Farm Show Poll

With product information readily available via iphone, Youtube, etc, are farm shows necessary?

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Talkin Shed Series: Closing Wheels

Over the past decade we have tested and sold several types of closing wheel systems. Today there are only a few that our salesman will carry in their back pocket. Shorter spikes make sense in most conditions whether it is a steel or a poly spike closing wheel. No matter the tillage practice that principle remains the same: Crumble sidewall created by force planter gauge wheels put on soil, remove air pockets by putting down pressure on seed, and maximizing soil contact around the seed. The short spike does all of these things well with very little down pressure required on the seed.


closing wheelsclosing wheelsclosing wheels


A New Spin on Fertilizer Placement

The Triple Threat Fertilizer System.

The Y Drop vs. Coulter dilemma will go on forever because they each offer their own advantage that shines in certain scenarios. That is why we designed the triple threat system. Same amount of fertilizer just placed more efficiently in 3 zones vs 1. Some to feed the corn now and some for later. The coulter does a great job of injecting oxygen into the roots while the y drop places fertilizer at the base of the plant. Get the best of both worlds now!



Available on Fast, Blu-Jet, Clymer, Yetter, Ag Systems And several other coulter configurations are available. We provide all plumbing and orifices needed to setup.


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Used Items This Week

John Deere 4720 90' Booms 800 Gallon tank 5 way nozzle bodies with tips.


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