Dawn Pluribus vs. Yetter CC

Another beautiful week of November weather. The finish line of harvest has been crossed by many, but for most, the end is near. This last leg of good weather was a blessing for everyone to get the crops out of the fields without a mess. It is amazing how many tillage demos, acres of fall spraying, and tons of dry fertilizer, can be done in a 7 day window. We did somewhere around 15 demos this week with strip tillage and Salford tools across the state of Ohio so we were busy towing equipment everywhere. A few of our shop guys have been at home getting their own crops off. We feel it is important to give them time to get that done first. Spring projects will start to trickle into the shop, Nh3 bars, strip freshener toolbars, and of course the planter jobs. Be sure to view our YouTube channel to keep up with our latest projects!


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The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Digging into Salford Tillage Tools
In this episode, Cody and Adam are headed to do a Salford demo in Pandora, OH. On the trip, we break down what the Salford tool numbers mean and what each tool does. We chat about harvest progress, deer hunting, and more!

Dawn Pluribus vs. Yetter CC Units.

This week we invited AJ Adkins over to run the Dawn Pluribus next to the Yetter CC unit to see what each unit had to offer in performance and versatility. The pluribus is a heavy unit designed to go 6" deep as a coulter unit which is impressive and offered row by row active up and down force. The Yetter CC is a lighter unit designed to go up to 4" deep and offers mole knife versatility in a fully air controlled unit. Everyone has their preferred practices in strip till which is why there is a place for both units in the strip till game. This video shows them running side by side, and AJ and I talk about each unit and what it does. Thanks to AJ for bringing the unit over. Hopefully this video meets our goal; providing straightforward information to help you, the farmer, make advantageous decisions.

Dawn Pluribus beside Yetter CC Unit in the field

Salford 1200 VT VS. Krause

Wednesday we did a demo in Pandora, OH running our 1224 VT in a high residue corn stalk field next to a Krause Excellerator. As we watched each tool run, we could see differences in how the tools rode through the field. The finish (walking on the dirt) was different and when we dug, we found even more differences. This video shows what we found. The 1200 is designed to do vertical (downward) tillage, breaking compaction below the tool and loosening the soil. Gang machines do horizontal (side to side) tillage rather than vertical because the gang has little flex and the tool cannot eliminate compaction. It actually creates it.

Salford 1200


New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Electrical fittings in a cabinet
Electrical fittings are no longer a problem. We have a full lineup of weatherpak, deutch, and metripak connectors to keep you going!
Kimball Midwest parts drawers
We have the ambulance loaded up with Kimball Midwest parts drawers. These handy containers keep our supplies well organized and easy to get to.
cut parts and pieces from the Lincoln Plasma
Our Lincoln plasma is always running, cutting out new parts and pieces all the time.
We are busy in the shop this week putting toolbars together. They will eventually be strip freshener and Yetter Magnum toolbars.

Used Items This Week

Nh3Nh3rate controllerknivesNh3 is back! With input prices the way they are this Nh3 bar can add a lot of value to your operation. This unit is a 2016 applicator that can be pull type or 3 point and 11 or 15 row. Knives and shoes are like new. Bar has been very well kept. Nh3 hoses are good thru 2027. John Deere Rate controller is included to control rates and sections. This unit will not last long.

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