Come See Us At The Ohio Beef Expo In Columbus

We got more than enough moisture yesterday! Rain all day, then freezing rain. Only the ducks enjoy that stuff. 30 degrees always seems colder when it follows 3 days of 60 degree weather. No matter what the weather man says, mother nature says warmer weather is on the horizon, and that is what we have our sights set on. We work hard all year to gear up customers for that magical 5-10 day planting window. The one opportunity to get it right the first time. We are down to the final few planters to service and install for the spring season, and that is a great feeling. Although some parts have been tough to come by, we are loaded up with a lot of products. This weekend we head to Columbus Ohio for the only trade show of the season. Be sure to find us.


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3 Point Boom 60' Hydraulic Fold Cover Crop Seeder
A new product for us is the 3 point boom 60' hydraulic fold cover crop seeder. A nimble, handy way to both inter-seed and broadcast cover crops.
J&M applicator
One of our 10 J&M applicators made its way through the shop this week. It is almost that time!

How the "Talkin Shed" Video Series Started

Today our YouTube channel has reached 811 subscribers, which when compared to the big shots, Millennial Farmer, Larson Farms, and others is a small feat. But for us, we are very appreciative of each and every follower and everyone who has watched and followed along in our video journey. We started shooting videos 5 years ago as a way to show farmers what exactly we do, but we never really knew what to call it. Jeff Wherley from Yetter Manufacturing said "just keep it real and name it the Talkin Shed", and it stuck every since. A place farmers can go to hopefully learn new things and to follow along with what we do. Social media is an amazing tool to be multiple places at once. This week The Talkin Shed got its own Logo and video intro, so be sure to keep tuning into the Talkin Shed.



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Talking Shed logo

Do You Challenge Yourself Each Planting Season?

This may seem like an odd question, but with so many tillage practices, planter attachments, agronomy tips out there, you have to try some of them each year to help steer your future decision making. For example, try certain tillage tools, try a row of row cleaners, cut soybean populations. Each year, I talk to farmers who set aside a few acres as test plots to try new things and challenge their operation. Here are 5 things we have seen farmers try.



  1. Cut back soybean seeding rates. No matter what rate you are planting, set aside a couple passes and cut the rate by 20,000 and see what you find!
  2. Try residue managers on your soybean planter. These allow for less seedbed prep, better germination, and lower planting populations.
  3. No-Till soybeans into cornstalks. Keep population the same, just skip disking pass.
  4. Custom hire a Y drop applicator. Skip the sidedress and have a neighbor apply N at shoulder height.
  5. Strip Till: Have a neighbor or rent a strip till unit to run this spring on 10 acres. Note emergence, plant health and overall yield.

New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos. We currently have 817 YouTube subscribers, help us reach 900 by subscribing today!


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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

honey wagon

An interesting project. Installing a toolbar on the back of a honey wagon to incorporate manure.
rear mount Case IH tank mount bracket
This rear mount Case IH tank mount bracket works great to add 450 gallons to a Case 2150 planter.
J&M applicator
J&M applicators will start rolling through the shop over the next couple of weeks. We have 10 of them to build for 2021.
Yetter 41' toolbars
A fresh load of Yetter 41' toolbars arrived this week. Strip fresheners and other units will soon fill them.

Used Items This Week

Sunflower 1434 Heavy duty diskSunflower 1434 Heavy duty diskJust In: Sunflower 1434 Heavy duty disk. This 29' Unit has been well kept, and is field ready. Equipped with a rear hitch and single bar harrow.


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