Choose the Right Seed Disk Opener

The sun finally decided to shine yesterday for the first time in what seems like weeks. We had even more rain this week, and we may now finally have some moisture back in the ground. A lot of tiles are running that haven't in quite some time. We had a great week in the shop and on the road. The shop guys went on the road yesterday to do an install in Indiana of a Valmar seeder on a Krause tool. If you remember the trip to Florida Cody and I made a couple months back, we get to go back down! The neighboring farmer of the dairy whom we sold to originally called and wants one just like it. That is a good feeling knowing we did a good enough job the first time to get to do a neighbor's tool as well. We shipped out and delivered plenty of equipment this week as well, some to Wisconsin, some to Indiana. Next week we leave for Louisville to get those 2 booths pieced together before the show starts on the 14th.


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SureFire quick draw system on Demco trailerThis will be a fun project. This Demco trailer gets a SureFire quick draw system for automatically batching and filling the sprayer.
20' MagnaSpreadThis 20' MagnaSpread got loaded and headed for Louisiana!


In the video below we discuss when and where a ground drive, electric, or hydraulic pump would work best on a planter.

Gary Fennig and Aunt Karla JeanCheesecakeAunt Karla Jean stopped by the shop yesterday and hand delivered 2 cheesecakes that were heavily sampled. Thank you Karla Jean for the cheesecake and for stopping by!

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Adam and kids huntingFort Wayne Farm Show and a Double in the Deer Woods | The Talkin' Shed

In this video, we talk about what we saw this week at the farm show, topics we talked about and more. Then of course, we tell deer hunting stories from muzzleloader season.

Choose the Right Seed Disk Opener

Much like the closing wheel market, there are several seed disk companies claiming to have the best opener on the market. We have tested and many customers have tested the GBGI opener and it is visually and physically heavier with a much better hub design than any other on the market.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Salford BBI MagnaSpreadThis used BBI got loaded up and sent to Wisconsin yesterday for delivery to its new home.
customized sprayerA local customer brought us a homemade sprayer for spraying grass in trees he plants. He was having some issues with it keeping pressure so we will dive into that today.
Valmar seederThe shop guys set out on another Valmar seeder trip this week to install one up near Woodburn, IN on a Krause Excellerator.
Triple Threat Application system on applicatorThis applicator is getting new triple threats installed on it to band micros as a second product.

Used Items This Week

used Salford 570 with a Valmar 1655 seederSalford 570 with a Valmar 1655 seeder for sale

This week we have a used Salford 30' 570 with a Valmar 1655 seeder on it. This tool would be great for seeding cover crops, wheat, or waterways. This 570 is on 7.5" spacings.


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