Can Row Cleaners Make a Difference on Your Planter?

A lot of rain covered the midwest this past week. Several inches across Ohio washed away any hopes of March planted early soybeans. Nevertheless, things are certainly getting serious in the farming world. Some wheat has been top dressed, planters are getting their final nod and tractors are pointed in the direction of the first field. We do still have a few planters left to tidy up on the fertilizer side, but other than that, we can see the end in sight and then onto side dress. We took delivery of the first of many 60' J&M applicators this week. That is the next big step for us, getting all of the side dress stuff pushed out the door. We had a lot of fun recording this weeks podcast with our guest Matt Johnson from Redkey, IN. Be sure to give that a listen below. Also, be sure to tune into our YouTube Channel.


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Kinze planter
A local farmer got his new Martin ACCR row cleaners installed on his Kinze planter ready to plant corn. Watch our row cleaner video below.
BBI fertilizer spreader on back of truck
A load of BBI fertilizer spreaders arrived yesterday evening around 7:00PM, and we could not wait to unload them. We have 16 BBI serial numbers on order, and these spreaders were a great sight to see.


Can Row Cleaners Make a Difference?

This is the time of year to put those final touches on your planter, and given our inventory, it is not too late to add row cleaners. Just yesterday, I had a gentleman watch our row cleaner YouTube video, and by 3:00 PM he had driven over from Indy to pick up 16 rows. Row cleaners can eliminate passes trying to beat down clods with baskets and such, simply move the larger material out of the way and plant. They become a huge asset on soybean planters to remove heavy corn stalk residue and create a zone for soybeans to thrive. Of course the removal of the no till coulter is suggested for a smoother ride, less hairpinning, and consistent seed depth. When row cleaners replace the no till coulter, the planter becomes more versatile, you require less passes prior to planting, and end up with a better stand.

row cleaners

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

This weeks podcast is now live!

Johnson Family Farms tractor

Johnson Family Farms: Popcorn, Sweet Corn, and No-Till in Redkey, IN

Johnson Family Farms have been longtime customers of ours and are always pushing the envelope trying to increase efficiency and profitability. Focusing on nutrient placement and soil health, Matt and Zach have raised impressive crops for years from their trial and error and attention to detail. In this episode, we dive into what drives them and how their never settle attitude has pushed them forward.

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

tank brackets
These tank brackets are headed for powdercoat and will be installed on a White planter.
magnum bar
This magnum bar is getting a makeover, getting anhydrous added to it.
john deere 1790 with liquid fertilizer tanks
Another view of the John Deere 1790 showing the liquid fertilizer tank.
Yetter magnum toolbarThis Yetter magnum toolbar is getting Nh3 components put onto it. Then it gets shipped to the customer in Canada for pre plant Nh3.

Used Items This Week

side view of 24' 2008 Salford 570 VT tool24' 2008 Salford 570 VT toolThis week we have a used 24' 2008 Salford 570 VT tool. Unit is currently located at the Nova, OH store. Blades measure 18.5" 7.5" spacing.


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