Installing a Valmar Seeder on your VT Tool

Good morning. After that heat wave, yesterday almost felt like fall. The next 7-10 days or so looks pretty mild. The corn here is really starting to turn now, and choppers are pretty common to be seen filling silos and bunkers. This week we had a couple field days. On Wednesday, Cody went to Roemke Farms to the Allen County Soil and Water day. Today he is heading to Latty to the Mercer Landmark Expo. This week we made 3 trips with equipment to Farm Science Review already! That show begins September 19th, not very far away. Yesterday I joined the install crew as we installed a Valmar Seeder on a Salford and also A Scale Tec scale kit on a grain cart. Today we will wrap up that 41' Salford, get more items to Farm Science, and hopefully start on another Salford Tool.


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6056 seeder on a used Salford VT toolYesterday Devin, Travis and myself traveled to Winchester to install this 6056 seeder on a used Salford VT tool, one of many installs lined up for the fall.
41' Salford 220 vertical tillage toolThis huge 41' Salford 220 VT is almost complete! Watch for a video on it getting uploaded today.


See a versatile tool that can do almost everything for the minimum/ no till guy in the video below.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Deutz Fahr logoJosh Wells, An OSU Alum and Deutz Territory Manager

It was great to sit down with Josh who is a wealth of knowledge on the ag equipment industry. Josh has been on some large projects with companies such as Agco, Kubota, Versatile and more. Tune in as we talk how he sees the Deutz line making a mark in the US.

Installing a Valmar Seeder on your VT Tool

This is something we talk a lot about throughout the year, but it comes to fruition now. Soon hundreds of Valmar seeders we have sold and installed will be running post harvest to seed anything from rye, oats, radish, turnips, you name it. Several, including myself, will plant their wheat with this seeder as well. If you have a Turbo Max, Excellerator, Turbo Till, Salford, Deere, Landoll, you name it, we can get a box on there. And it is not just for cover crops: waterways, hay seedings, barley, wheat. They are extremely accurate and do a great job. Give us a call today to get a quote on a box for your tool.

Salford vertical tillage tool

valmar seeder on Salford VTvalmar seeder on Turbo Max

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

4 row AgGuru bar with liquid fertilizer tankThis 4 row AgGuru bar is getting liquid fertilizer added to it.
tender trailerThis is a tender trailer we will be bringing to the Ohio Farm Science Review for display.
Yetter Maverick Strip Till UnitThis 8 row Yetter Maverick Strip Till unit is getting liquid fertilizer added to it.
Salford 2200 vertical tillageThis is a 41' 2200 that just came in the shop Tuesday, it takes a lot of time to get one of these put together.

Used Items This Week

used Sunflower 23' 1435 Disk
Sunflower 1435 Disk
blades on a used Sunflower 23' 1435 Disk for sale


This week we have a used Sunflower 23' 1435 Disk. This is a very heavy duty, rugged disk with a lot of life left on the blades, clean shiny paint and also comes with a rear hitch.


This unit is located at our Wabash location.


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