BBI Spreaders: Taking Control of Your Fertilizer Application and Price

What a week! If you listen to podcasts, I urge you to listen to the podcast below. Lee Kilpatrick flew into Cincinnati this week and spent 2 days with our dealership, and it is unraveled in the podcast. We spent a lot of time, money and effort this week thanking employees and customers for what they do. Grandpa and grandma spent a lot of time on the road delivering tools to Michigan, Indiana and will head back to Michigan next week. Last night we hosted a dinner in Celina thanking Salford customers for what they do and their trust in our company. We have a great team and we have great customers. That was the theme of this week.


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BBI spreader
Russ Green talking to the Fennig Equipment teamYesterday we had Lee Kilpatrick from The Salford Group in our shop to talk about BBI spreaders and the value they can add to a farm.


The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Russ Green talking to the Fennig Equipment teamThe Gang is Back Together!

We ran out of mics on this one. Lee, Dave, Gary, Cody, and Adam all in on the same podcast. We talk about the roots, the trials, and where we are headed. These guys are the heart of what we do.

BBI Spreaders: Taking Control of Your Fertilizer Application and Price

For us, BBI Spreaders are a big deal. Taking control of your fertilizer and lime application is something everyone should consider. Gain leverage when purchasing fertilizer, spread when you want, and at the accuracy that you want. Spreaders get a bad wrap for being uneven and inaccurate. The BBI is a flat pattern accurate spreader that will put on exactly what you ask of it. Consider your current program and think about how much you can save to get better timing and placement with your own spreader.

Salford BBI spreader

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

tanksDevin and Adam traveled to Richmond, IN to tie these tanks together with plumbing and add a few valves for a more efficient fill system.
truck loaded with Salford productsAnother Salford truck loaded with goods showed up this week.
2224This 2224 is headed for Michigan Wednesday of next week.
Enduraplas tank frame in the shopThis Enduraplas tank frame is getting retrofitted to fit onto a trailer frame rail. Look for a complete video breakdown coming next week.

Used Items This Week

front of a Great Plains Turbo Till VT Tool side view of a Great Plains Turbo Till VT Tool side view of a Great Plains Turbo Till VT Toolblade of a Great Plains Turbo Till VT Tool


This week we have a used 30' Great Plains Turbo Till VT Tool. Adjustable gang angle, rolling basket with good blades. Unit will be at Coldwater store next week!


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