BBI Fertilizer & Lime Spreaders. Which One is Right for You?

Winter weather came back for a bit this week, luckily not much for snow. We just had evening temps well below freezing. This week we did a lot of the same, getting equipment delivered to the customer. Several Salfords were delivered to customers at the Nova store. A VRT and a 1224 left this week and headed west. We had service guys on the road most of the week taking care of some planter jobs that needed to be wrapped up yet. Yesterday Gary and Angie headed south to Columbus, OH for the Ohio Beef Expo. We will have a booth there for those who want to stop by and talk equipment while they are at the show. Next week we will have a Salford event at our Nova location so that will be a great event for Salford customers.


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Salford 1224 on a trailerThis brand new Salford 1224 was delivered to Attica, OH on Monday to its new forever home.
25' Salford Halo VRTThis 25' Salford Halo VRT was delivered to Eastern Ohio. This customer ran a 20' last year and upgraded to a 25' for even more efficiency.


The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Ohio Beef Expo logoThe Dynamic Duo Ohio Beef Expo Podcast

Have you ever been to the Ohio Beef Expo? Cody and Adam talk about The Expo, the deer and turkey expo and everything that is going on right now at Fennig Equipment. Adam breaks down the pulse across the US as far as where equipment is running and what is running.

BBI Spreaders, An In Depth Breakdown of the 4 Models


  • Trooper: Fertilizer Only! The only BBI Spreader designed for only spreading Fertilizer. Commonly found in PTO Spinners with Ground drive Web
  • Liberty: Most Common Spreader, 10' Box can hold 10 ton of lime can do lime and fertilizer. Commonly found with a rate controller with variable rate capabilities
  • MagnaSpread: The Beast of them all, Available in 12', 16', and 20' boxes, Has the 360 hydraulic system to handle high rates, fast unload/load times and reduce heating up. If you are Covering Big Acres a Magna Spread is For you. Can do fertilizer at 120' and lime at 60'.
  • Grasshopper: Think of it as a liberty but on a single axle chasis.

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

 30' 570 Salford sitting in the shopThis 30' 570 Salford is in the shop getting some love before delivery.
steel pieces in shop with welderThis steel is pre cut and will turn into planter fertilizer tank brackets soon.
man welding in a shopLogan is busy welding away in the shop, making rolling baskets for our S2S units.
Fast 8318 parked in the shopThis Fast 8318 is sold and is getting more section valves added to it so it can be used as an 11 row and a 17 row.

Used Items This Week

1600 Gallon Tank on a Spray King Liquid Fertilizer Applicatorside view of Spray King Liquid Fertilizer Applicatorcoulters on a Spray King Liquid Fertilizer Applicatorfront view of a Spray King Liquid Fertilizer Applicator


This week we have a used Spray King liquid fertilizer applicator 1600 gallon tank, stainless steel pump, coulters with knives and sealers. A very nice applicator that is ready to go for spring.


Asking $40,000. Unit is Located at our New Wabash Facility at 841 State Route 29 Celina, OH 45822


Call 419-953-8500 for more information.