August 7, 2020

This cooler weather can stick around for a while! Some guys in the southern part of Ohio have corn silage in their sights, that is hard to believe! Here at our shop the rain we have had has us still holding strong, beans and corn both look great so far. With the Farm Science Review being cancelled, we will be shooting a lot more videos of equipment on our lot to showcase what we can offer to you. Below is a video about strip till options from Fennig Equipment, look that video over pretty hard for tips to increase your fertilizer efficiency. Next week we have employee training at our shop, if you need something during that time, call Cassie or Karen in the office and we can get you taken care of!


Have a great weekend!

How do your cornfields look? Now is a great time to get an early start on changing things for 2021.
new employees
This week we need to introduce our newest employees: Karen Huelskamp, Tammy Reisinger, & Dwayne Hemmelgarn. Dwayne is managing our shipping/receiving and warehouse, Tammy is in Sales, and Karen is helping with invoicing, and answering the incoming calls.

Fall Strip Till Options From Fennig Equipment

Whether it is a dry fertilizer box to mount onto a toolbar, to tow behind it or a strip till toolbar, Fennig Equipment has what you need to maximize your strip till operation! We use Salford Fertilizer carts matched with Yetter, Zimmerman, or LandLuvr row units. Call us today to learn how we can get the right setup for you!

Ferti Go Dry Fertilizer Hopper

Salford ST-4 Dry Box

ST-10 Skid Mount Dry Box

Kinze 60' Planter Frame With Dry Fertilizer Boxes
Kinze 60' Planter Frame With Dry Fertilizer Boxes
Unverferth Strip Till Toolbar ST-10 Fertilizer Cart
ST-10 Fertilizer Cart

The Yetter Devastators, A Must Have Fall Product.

If you have not yet heard of the Yetter Stalk Devastators and what they can do for you, here is the scoop. They are a simple roller that mounts underneath your cornhead to flatten and crimp stalks which saves tires, and facilitates residue breakdown. Below are several pictures and videos to show you what they can do for you. Call Today for special pricing

Yetter Stalk DevastatorYetter Stalk DevastatorYetter Stalk Devastator
This shows the thickness of the Yetter Stalk Devastators, they will not break or bend.

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