Yetter Stalk Devastators Go Well with Corn Head Seeder

Most of Indiana caught a measurable amount of rain yesterday, here at the shop, maybe a tenth. Most are surprised at how well the crop has rebounded from the June dry spell. A lot of beans look good, but August will tell the story there. Next week is the start of the Mercer County Fair, which is a sure sign summer is over. Kids go back to school and harvest is near. We are preparing to head for a trip west through Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri to install several Valmar cover crop seeders. That will be the week after next. Our lot is beginning to fill up again as orders start to filter in. Be sure to stop by sometime to check out our inventory.


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Yetter DevastatorThis Yetter Devastator got installed in our shop Wednesday for a local farmer. It is hard to believe but harvest time is not too far away. Call us today to get your Devastator professionally installed.
Krause 40' ExcelleratorWe also installed a 6056 cover crop seeder onto a Krause 40' Excellerator. The telehandler sure does make jobs such as this easy.


Seeding Cover Crops with Your Combine

This has been a very popular topic over the past few years, and for good reason. It requires very low manpower, no additional passes, and the seed germinates extremely well! We do have a few units in stock if you are interested in getting one for this fall.


With no additional passes, you can have your cover crops sown with our FE Cover Crop Seeder.


The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Tune in as we travel to Nova to meet up with Seth and Corban to talk sales, Farm Science Review, and much more!

A Sit Down at Nova with New Sales Team Member, Corban Riggenbach

In this episode, we travel to our Nova, OH store to meet up with Seth and our newest team member, Corban. Listen in as we talk about all things sales in the future and past. Rain sure has changed things here in Ohio! Harvest is rapidly approaching.

New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos. We currently have 1,480 YouTube subscribers, help us reach 2,000 by subscribing today!


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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

3 guys in a field with a Salford 1200 VT toolThis week Jake Beck did a demo day with a Salford 1200 VT tool and had a great demo. This tool works awesome in many scenarios, if you want to try it on your farm let us know.
40' Field cultivator in our parking lotWe barely fit this 40' Field cultivator in our shop this week, but it is finally out the door and ready to dig.
hingesMore works of art out of our fabrication department. These hinges are getting welded to update an old style design for increased longevity.
Y drop toolbars in our shopWe assembled more Y drop toolbars this week, we now have a few 80' bars ready for 2023 season.

Used Items This Week

side view of Spray King liquid side dress applicatorside view of Spray King liquid side dress applicatorside view of Spray King liquid side dress applicatorfront view of Spray King liquid side dress applicator


This week we have a used 15 row Spray King liquid side dress applicator that we just traded. It has a hydraulic drive pump with 3 section control and raven 450 rate controller.


This unit will be located at Nova store location next week.


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