Managing Residue Starts in the Fall

Another mild week of weather and most places caught a good amount of rain last weekend. Crops are really starting to shine in some areas. It is amazing how crops can recover from being pineapples in June to be packing on ears in July with some timely rains and great weather. We attended Becknology days yesterday and are going back today. What an event! Whether you plant Becks or not, the event is public and welcomes everybody. But the amount of time, money, and effort put forward to hosting that event is unreal. Yesterday they fed 1,500 people and made it look easy. We had a crew of installers in southern Indiana this week installing 3 Valmar cover crop seeders on Krause, John Deere, and Great Plains tillage tools, and will have another crew headed out next week to Illinois and Missouri.


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BBI spreaders on back of truckA fresh load of BBI spreader arrived from Georgia this week! A great sight when equipment is tight. We have it in stock.
Krause 40' ExcelleratorThis Krause 40' Excellerator got a new Valmar 6056 seeder installed on it (it is hard to see in there). Last Friday the new owner came to pick up his new cover crop and wheat seeder.


Managing Residue Starts in the Fall

I talk to a lot of guys who are looking to be more efficient with every move they make. Good help is hard to find. So how can we do more with less? This whole idea is a huge part of what we do, help farmers do more with less. As we approach fall, one of our biggest time savers is mounted to the combine. The Yetter Stalk Devastator, it crimps and flattens stalks so that there is no fall residue management tillage pass required when going to beans. Let the stalks decay and break down over winter. Thanks to the Devastator, the moisture and bacteria can get into the shell to break it down. Come spring time, they shatter apart and are paper brittle.


The next step is Row Cleaners (AKA Residue Managers) on the bean planter. With beans, my goal is to cut planted population but still harvest target population (lose less soybeans to germination issues). The row cleaner ensures you are planting into a clean seedbed so you lose less to germination due to increased seed to soil contact.


Soybean success, residue management, returning locked up nutrients into the soil, and saving tires all starts now at harvest time. Make sure you are prepared.

crimped corn stalkThe crimping action from the devastator is the secret and what makes them a better mousetrap than a standard stomper.
corn fieldThis field was harvested 1/2 with a Yetter Devastator and 1/2 without, you can easily see the difference.
row cleanersRow cleaners on a soybean planter are a must and make a significant difference in emergence, seeding rates, and profitability.

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This week we head to Jeff Dulings farm in Ottowa, OH to talk with him about his farming operation, how it started, and where it is headed today. Jeff is all about building soil structure using multiple methods to do so. Tune in for an educational listen.

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

air cartThis pull behind air cart is getting prepped for delivery to Canada for strip till this fall.
cover crop seederThis cover crop seeder got picked up and was delivered to a customer in Southern Indiana
Yetter Head cartThis week Jake Beck delivered a Yetter Head cart to a customer and helped them get the head mounted onto the cart. A very easy and seamless process with the new Yetter design.
unloading Enduraplas tanks from truckAnother load of Enduraplas tanks arrived this week. If you are booking summer/fall delivery nutrients, give us a call. We have the storage.

Used Items This Week

25' Case 330 turbo till Discside view of 25' Case 330side view of 25' Case 330 turbo till Disc25' Case 330 turbo till Disc/VT tool


This week we have a used 25' Case 330 turbo till Disc/VT tool. This unit is a 2017, very well kept and the blades measure 20"! A very beefy unit that can incorporate in the fall or spring. Located in Coldwater, OH


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