Are You Ready for Side Dress Season?

Finally a great stretch of weather to get seed in the ground! There are a few places that are still wet from downpours last Saturday, but overall I would say our area is 3/4 finished as of this morning. Southern Indiana and several parts of Illinois are side dressing corn already which still amazes me given our seeds haven't sprouted yet. We spent much of this week doing planter startups getting things adjusted just right and planting the way they should. We had several shop guys out this week to get their own corn planted. We always allow them to take plenty of time off for farming. Next up is side dress. Be sure to look that unit over and see what it is you may need: knives, blades etc.


Be sure to tune into our YouTube Channel. Have a great weekend, and feel free to call 419-953-8500.

Fast A26 on a trailerThis Fast A26 was loaded yesterday for delivery to Illinois where corn is already 3 leaf!
John Deere 1760 in the fieldThis week we got plenty of time in the field. Here is a 1760 we put new seed disk openers, closing wheels, and fertilizer system on.


In the video below, we went to the field with a 1760 with new Yetter closing wheels, row cleaners, and Totally Tubular fertilizer units.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Bill Preller talkingBill Preller: Making Strip Till Mainstream With Case-IH in Tow

An awesome podcast with Bill Prellar, a legend in the tillage and agronomy world, spending early years with DMI, then Case IH. Bill has built a career getting his hands dirty and constantly striving to make better machines with the seedbed in mind.

Side Dress Season is Next, Are You Ready?

We have several applicators still in stock, 60', 40' new or used. But if you aren't looking to upgrade applicators, you should definitely be looking at some add on upgrades such as our Triple Threat fertilizer system or a Yetter N Keeper sealer system to keep that N where you put it. Of course we also stock knives and blades for your applicator as well. Now is the time. Call today before you can row the corn.

New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Y drop piecesMore Y drop pieces for 2024.
40' Y drop toolbarThis is a 40' Y drop toolbar. Not a common size that we build but can customize to fit any size.
Y drop toolbar hingeThis is a Y drop toolbar hinge getting setup in a fixture for welding. Fixtures make sure that all are built the same way every time.
two boys holding fishThis weekend would be a great opportunity to go fishing with kids if you have any running around. Blue gill and several other pan fish are fun and easy to catch with a wax worm right now.

Used Items This Week

front view of a 40' 15 row Case IH 5300 Nh3 pull type side dress applicator40' 15 row Case IH 5300 Nh3 pull type side dress applicatorflow monitors on a Case IH 5300 side dress applicator40' 15 row Case IH 5300 Nh3 pull type side dress applicator


This week we have a used 40' 15 row Case IH 5300 Nh3 pull type side dress applicator. Dual Raven coolers with controller and flow monitors as well. Unit is located at our Wabash location.


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