All The Way To Georgia For A Toolbar Install

A short but very busy week again. Some are planting, some are side dressing, and some are trying to get their final acres prepped and in the ground. With the spring weather we had, there are all stages of crops stretched out across the country. This week Cody and I traveled to Southeast Georgia to install a Y drop toolbar and man was it hot down there. Corn was tasseled and wheat harvest was in full swing. Our on the road service crew has been busy tackling applicator issues, leaky pumps, rate controllers and other issues that come with sidedress. We put the new truck to work yesterday for the first time, and soon it will be equipped with tools. Florida will be our next road trip as we head south to install a seeder on a Case IH 335 in the June heat. Today we have several service calls to tackle, leaky cylinder on applicator, weak pump on applicator, so we will have the team out in full force getting things running before the weekend. Thank you for tuning in!

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2241 Vertical Tillage toolThis 2241 VT tool was working hard all week to help get crops in the ground in Indiana.
Y drop toolbarThis week we spent some time in the Georgia heat installing a Y drop toolbar. We had a successful trip, but are glad to be back in the 60 degree weather.


In the video below, we walk through our recent trip to Georgia. These bars work great for applying in season nitrogen and being able to go from spray boom to side dress very quickly.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Salford vertical tillage tool
Planting Delays, Will My Beans Make it? | The Talkin' Shed

In this episode, we talk about how this wet weather may change some equipment lineups on many farms. Adam planted beans on May 3rd, will they make it? We have a new service truck showing up next week and a new Sign out front!

Next Up: Get Your Applicator Ready For Sidedress Season

A lot of corn is now in the ground. The next step is side dress, and it is not too far away. With these warm soil temps, this corn will shoot out of the ground next week. Are you ready? Check over blades, knives and the common stuff. But also ask the questions, were you happy with your fertilizer placement last year? Maybe the knife wouldn't go deep enough. Maybe a more versatile placement option such as the triple threat system is a good choice. Keep in mind, we can add parallel linkage coulters to your existing toolbar or add a better pump or red balls to monitor blockage. Now is the time to make these changes before it is too late. Put 300 gallons in your applicator this weekend, test the pump, and get it ready for the weeks to come.

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Salford single axle spreaderThis Salford 2231 arrived yesterday and is being built so it can run next week.
1460 applicatorThis was a common sight this week, the white ambulance doing a lot of service work!
John Deere 1775This 1775 was going into heavy rye cover crop with row cleaners.
Salford 2231 before it was builtThis was the above 2241. It was ordered last week, arrived in thousands of pieces Wednesday and will be in the ground at the customers farm Friday afternoon.

Used Items This Week

used Ag systems liquid applicator
used Ag systems liquid applicator for salejohn blue pump on used 11 row Ag systems liquid applicator

This week we have a used 11 row Ag systems liquid applicator with 100 gallon tank, John Blue ground drive pump, and coulters with knives.




This unit is located at our is located at our State Route 29 store in Celina.


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