Adam & Cody Travel to Florida for Seeder Install

Corn side dress is in full swing in our region. Yesterday I went and rode with a few customers running J&M applicators in Indiana. Our shop guys have been hustling all week to get pumps, red balls, tanks and everything else held together to keep guys running. Monday, we replaced an Nh3 cooler that was bad on a Yetter Magnum bar. This week, Cody and I headed to Florida to install another cover crop seeder. If you remember our trip from November of 2023, this was the neighbor to that farmer. It is funny how things work out. In our shop, we have a 60" harrow tool getting 2 Valmar seeders installed on it as well. There will definitely be videos coming soon of that tool as well. Heat is in the forecast with not much rain. This may mean wheat comes off earlier than usual.

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5016 J&M applicatorThis J&M 5016 applicator was delivered to Illinois this week.
boy sitting in tractorWe had some help getting some side dress applicators up and running this week.


The video below highlights our trip to Florida where we installed a Valmar 6056 on a Case IH 335 VT 28'.

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Salford vertical tillage tool
Planting Delays, Will My Beans Make it? | The Talkin' Shed

In this episode, we talk about how this wet weather may change some equipment lineups on many farms. Adam planted beans on May 3rd, will they make it? We have a new service truck showing up next week and a new Sign out front!

Triple Threat Fertilizer System, A Great Addition to Your Applicator

Our Triple Threat product is getting more and more popular each year! Farmers love the option of being able to place nutrients in different zones. Watch these videos and call us today at 419-942-3512 to order your Triple Threats

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Fast ApplicatorThis Fast on Tracks is getting prepped for delivery soon, it has a steerable hitch as well.
Valmar 6056 seedsThese 2 seeders were mounted on a 60' Tillage tool in our shop this week.
FAST A26 Liquid Fertilizer ApplicatorAnother Fast A26 has arrived at our shop.
Salford 2231 before it was builtThis is a 2241. It arrived in thousands of pieces and will be in the ground at the customers farm Friday afternoon.

Used Items This Week

BBI Liberty Spreader for sale
used BBI Liberty Spreader for sale

This week we have a used BBI Liberty Spreader. This unit can do fertilizer and lime and is a plug to tractor unit. This unit is Located at our Nova, OH store


This unit is Located at our Nova, OH store.


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