A Busy Week of Salford Tillage Demos

We got just enough moisture to keep the combines down for a day or so. 3 tenths of an inch of rain is the most I heard across Ohio. It's not quite enough to get this wheat going but hopefully a shot more next week. Most guys are about finished with beans, waiting on corn to dry down. I have heard some vomitoxin talk in certain areas. A lot of moisture in late July/ August can lead to mold inside the silk creating a mess for some. This week we were doing a lot of demos. Field conditions are a little on the dry side, but we were out there showing what these tools can do. This warm weekend might be the last of the good drying days for corn so hopefully that makes the combines roll next week. Enjoy this Indian summer of a weekend. Cooler weather isn't far behind.


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high residue corn stalks in a fieldWe have talked a lot about the Salford tools with hydraulic shanks. This is from a demo Seth did in Delaware, OH with a 2200 with the shanks down in fresh corn stalks, it is amazing what these tools can do.
Salford Halo HSD on trailerThis Salford Halo HSD got loaded on a semi headed for its new home this week!
FFA kid holding a sack lunch Coldwater FFA was delivering meals to farmers last week and stopped by. Thanks to the kids at Coldwater FFA for the food!


The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

Salford Halo VRTA Casual Sit Down with Dave Gunkelman

In this episode, we sit down with Dave Gunkelman, who has been a guest before, to talk in our conference room. Dave is a friend, mentor, and of course our Salford representative. Tune in as we talk all things with Dave.

Salfords Fall Residue Incorporation Tool: The 5200 Enforcer

If you want to bury and manage residue or manure in the fall, focus on the top 8" and leave a smooth and level finish. The 5200 is everything you have hoped for. Customers who own them and demo these tools always talk about how impressive the finish is given how aggressive the tool is. The secret there is how long this tool is from hitch to basket, it gives a good mix to soil and residue while still sizing sod, soil, and material for a smooth finish. Call us today to demo our 16' tool.


New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

back of semiAnother semi load of product getting unloaded
Fennig Equipment logo on tank bracketsSam added a nice touch to some tank brackets.
Salford 1224This Salford 1224 was built and delivered to a local customer this week.
12 row strip freshener toolbar in the shopThis 12 row strip freshener toolbar is being built in the shop this week.

Used Items This Week

side view Salford 12' 5100blades on a Salford 12' 5100rear view of a Salford 12' 5100Salford 12' 5100

This week we have a used Salford 12' 5100. This unit is technically still new but is a 2018 Demo unit, still with factory warranty and original blades. We use this unit to show off what the tool can do, but it has a great price tag. This unit is located at the Nova store.




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