We Had 5 Valmar Seeder Installs This Week

Happy Friday!


What a week of Valmar seeder installs! Seeders in Ohio and Indiana got mounted on Salford, Horsch, Krause and Great Plains tools. We still have 3 seeders left to install in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. We will tackle them next week. A brand new 5200 Enforcer tillage tool arrived this week and it will be making its way to the Ohio Farm Science Review in a few weeks. The weather has been great lately. The heat is gone, and I know of a few combines running in southern Ohio already.


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Valmar seederValmar seeder
These installs were in Holland Indiana, Kewanee, Indiana, and Kingston, OH. The Valmars are an excellent way to do tillage and seeding in one pass with extremely accurate metering and great seed emergence. Cover crops or harvest wheat, these seeders can seed whatever it is you need to grow.

Did you Attend Farm Progress Show 2021?

This week Cody and Adam traveled west to Decatur, IL to visit the Farm Progress show. A huge crowd enjoyed the cooler weather to check out some of the latest additions to vendors equipment lineup. The latest Salford tillage tools, new strip till equipment and of course we saw the new Hagie Design.

farm progress show

farm progress showfarm progress show


Farm Equipment Magazine Highlights Fennig's Strength

A big thanks to Kim Schmidt and everyone at Farm Equipment Magazine for writing an article about our adventures. We enjoy serving customers with the most elite lineup of equipment available to make farmers more efficient and more money.

Fennig Equipment's Coldwater Location

Fennig Equipment Finds its Niche as Shortline Only Dealer

After 21 years working as a parts manager for an AGCO dealership, Gary Fennig left the dealership to go help with the family's crop insurance business. But he didn't stay away from selling equipment long, starting Fennig Equipment along with...

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New YouTube Videos This Week

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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

Salford 1231
This new Salford 1231 was assembled in the shop this week!
A new tank and bracket is being made for this customer with pump mount, and a section valve mount. This will make for an extremely clean installation.
Meridian seed tenders
A fresh load of Meridian Seed tenders arrived this week!

Used Items This Week

Salford 2008 30' 570 VTSalford 2008 30' 570 VTSalford 2008 30' 570 VTSalford 2008 30' 570 VTSalford 2008 30' 570 VT. Would make a great seeder unit or to run ahead of the planter in the spring.


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