3 Steps to Max Pod Profitability

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


A fairly mild week for the most part in Ohio. To some, that is great news. To the thousands of hunters participating in Ohio's gun season, they would rather see it a little colder. Either way December is here already, the season of farm shows, clinics, holidays and snow! A time to reflect on the great 2021 harvest and make changes and prepare equipment for 2022. Fertilizer applicators have been a very hot topic this week as we moved several new and used liquid rigs here in Ohio. Farm shows fire up as we move into the Indianapolis show next Friday. The show begins the following Tuesday. The latest podcast is loaded below and ready for you to listen. This episode was recorded yesterday and we covered a wide variety of topics. Give it a listen this weekend!


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Fennig Equipment Store Front in Nova, OH
Join us December 9th–11th in Nova Ohio for our open house celebration. 965 US Highway 224 Nova, OH 44859
ST-10 tankST-10 tank
From our shop to the field. This ST-10 tank was purchased from a farmer in Kansas, as we had the only unit available in the country. The unit left our shop on a Tuesday night (top picture) and by Thursday it was in the field accurately metering dry fertilizer! (bottom picture)

The Talkin' Shed Podcast by Fennig Equipment

December Spending & New Ways To Reach Farmers
In this episode Cody and Adam talk about a variety of topics they encounter when talking with farmers. How do we evaluate trade ins? Advice on December tax purchases. Don’t wait until December 31st! What if you don’t prepay your fertilizer and hope it gets cheaper by spring? Can our social media presence justify us skipping farm shows? All great topics we discuss in this episode.

Nova, Ohio Location Open House!

Join us December 9th–11th as we host a grand opening at our Nova Ohio Location. We have worked hard to bring parts, support, and knowledge to the northeast Ohio region and now is your opportunity to visit with us. Come see the store, and visit with our team up north!


Machinery Pete is sponsoring Coffee and Donuts for all in attendance! A big Thanks to Doug Majors and The Machinery Pete team for that.


Parts Specials: We will be running discounts on Salford, Aerway, Yetter, and Other Parts during the open house. Contact Seth or Tammy for pricing on what you need.

Fennig Equipment Store Front in Nova, OH

interior of Fennig Equipment's Nova, OH store

The 3 Ingredients for Making Profitable Pods

  1. Yetter devastator on your corn head. What this does is start the breaking down process of the stalk which releases tied up nutrient back into the soil. Those nutrients are very valuable and soybeans will benefit from them, so lets instantly start the breakdown process and step one is having a devastator on your corn head.
  2. Adding row cleaners to your planter.Profitable pods require very little tillage, meaning there will be residue there to clear. Creating a zone of clean dirt to place the seed at the correct depth is very important at planting time. Row cleaners clear the residue allowing seed disks to work in soil and allow your closing wheels to work much better as well. Now we can aggressively cut back bean planting populations because we have a lot less loss due to residue.
  3. Poly spike closing wheels.I cannot say enough about how much of a difference this investment will make. Within 100 acres, they will pay for themselves. Closing the trench is huge on soybeans and with the poly spikes, they will get it right the first time. Simply bolt them onto your planter, and let them work for you.

New YouTube Videos This Week

We are continuing to add new and fresh content every week to keep our customers engaged with what we are up to. Enjoy these recent videos. We currently have 1.13K YouTube subscribers, help us reach 2,000 by subscribing today!


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What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs

display stand for farm shows
Sam was busy this week making new display stands for farm shows.
Yetter Magnum 10000 15 row bar
This toolbar is being assembled and when finished will be a Yetter Magnum 10000 15 row bar heading to Indiana.
Salford tool
This Salford tool is in the shop for new blades! We had them off and new ones on in about an hour.
 Salford 24' 1200
This Salford 24' 1200 got a fresh bath after coming back from a demo in Indiana.

Used Items This Week

rear view 2008 DMI 15 row liquid sidedress applicatorfront view 2008 DMI 15 row liquid sidedress applicatorside view 2008 DMI 15 row liquid sidedress applicator

This week we have a used 2008 DMI 15 row liquid sidedress applicator. Hydraulic drive, 1300 gallon tank, coulter knife combos with redballs.


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